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Wanted Singer Songwriters.
Don't die with your songs inside you.

I have been using this site to promote my own music and now I want to create a directory for all my recording clients to have their own page up fast.

Check out new music by Ron Dorr of Collective Fusion. Awesome and unique space jazz.

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Now I can get your web presence created on the same day that you finish your recording. 

Want a fan page?
Want to announce your gigs?
Need graphics? No problem
A newsletter? Yes
CD cover design? Same day service
One offs for the Gig? no problem
Want it on I-tunes? Yes

John McKenna of "Johnny and The Muse"

John McKenna is Johnny and the Muse

John is the former lead guitarist and lead vocalist for "Legend" and a winner of Billboard Magazines annual songwriting competition. 

Johns new act is called Johnny and The Muse, Click below . www.johnnyandthemuse.com


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