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Don't die with your songs inside you!

Whatever your message is I can help you get it out there. Maybe you have a poem you want set to music for your sweetheart. 

Maybe you have a spoken word audio CD you want to produce. No problem.

I have been a producer and arranger for twenty years recording everything from rock albums to hypnosis tapes. Whatever your needs are, I can handle it.

Here is a sample of what I can do for you. Maureen lives in Boston and doesn't sing or play an instrument. She sent me a track of her singing into a  cassette and asked me to  arrange, perform and produce a commercial that could be played for the Mzinga company convention. 

Here is what happened with the Mzinga idea.



Here's another song by Maureen called Hong Kong. Maureen lives in Boston and is presently writing a Broadway show. and this is one of the tunes for it. She just sang the melody into her computer and e-mailed it to me. She had me create the textures and play all the tracks.


Wanted Singer Songwriters, poets, speakers, trainers, teachers and hopeless romantics in any genre.

Would you like to sell your songs on I Tunes? No problem.

Is it time for you to record your song, or poem? Is it time to get your message out? I truly enjoy helping artists develop their craft. So if you need help making a demo, or a finished CD, or getting your music out there call me. If you need help creating a CD this is the place for you. 

If you need help with arrangement, composition,  promotion or production I can help. 

Get a Free Consultation

In your free consultation you will get some valuable coaching on the direction you want to go with your project and creative expression. We will see if it is a good fit for us to work together.  E-mail me if you want to set up a phone appointment. 

Do you want a web page fast to support your sales on I-Tunes

I have a unique niche that may be helpful to you. I can help you put your message to music, produce and arrange it, and play all the tracks.  I can engineer it, mix it and master it, put it online and also help you to create great graphics.

Do you need drums and percussion? Got it.
Do you need keyboards, strings, synth sounds? Got it.
Need Bass, rhythm, lead guitars? No problem.
Need help with arrangement? Got it.
Need background or lead vocals? Got it covered.

As an artist and musician I can play any tracks  you need to fill out your song. FAST. Or, I can get you other musicians if you need a certain feel.

Tom McNeill is a singer-songwriter who plays the guitar. He just needed some keys, bass, lead, and drums. 

Before   Tom McNeil/visions unplugged.mp3

After    Tom McNeil/Visions.mp3



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