These albums of mine are a collection of feelings and stories from certain definite periods of transformation
in my life. There are depths here and spiritual messages, and good solid rock music.
If you download the album and listen to the songs in order you will have an deep emotional experience.

Using the classic I tunes visualizer makes for a wonderful experience.
May I suggest gathering a few friends, put on the playlist, turn on your visualizer,
enjoy some libations and let the story unfold.

You will find this to be a very entertaining and compelling way to spend time with friends.

Play it really loud.


Listen to your inner voice and awaken to the subtle worlds.
And In a heartbeat you will know what Your True Name is.

And you will dare to be Your Wild untamed truth.
For  You are the one who can bring the light down.
Yes Bring it on Down.
 Free from the illusion of Time and the Shadows you can learn To Endure your life and you Can Be anything you want. Ignore ye The Ways of the World and know you will be Taking Refuge in the truth of your immortality.

Can Be
Ways of The World
Taking Refuge
In a Heartbeat
To Endure
Your Wild
Your True Name
Time and The Shadows
Bring It On Down
You Are The One

If you like the music and would like to contribute to creating it, I will gratefully accept donations.




Copyright 2008

All audio and video is copyrighted by John McKenna the  respective copyright owner.