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 New Blue Sky is the story of one souls emergence out of illusion into truth

And the Lord of my life said, " I will play The End Game for you
if you will leave
The House of limitations, get onboard the Rainbow Train and take a ride with me.
I know the path has been hard, I see it in
That Look in your eyes,
I know that often you have felt that you were
Buried Under Winter in your sorrows,
 if you let the
Purple Music  lift you, Maybe One Day, When You See Me you will know that you are home. Maybe love will enter every cell of your being and One By One you will heal and uplift every person who enters the field of your beautiful  living presence.

The End Game
The House
Rainbow Train
Buried Under Winter
Purple Music
That Look
Maybe One Day
When You See Me
Maybe Love
One By One


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