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For the last few years I have been producing arranging and helping artists in my studio, 
mostly helping other people to enjoy the bliss of being expressed, but occasionally 
I am invited out to perform. Here are some videos I recently found of small local venues. 

John McKenna was asked to play a little impromptu Gig at the Little Bear in Evergreen Colorado and so he called up Ed Shipman for moral support ( and drums) and voila it was on. They said "what's the name of your band",  John replied...

Purple Music, I guess... 
And so the first ever official performance of "Purple Music I guess"

Fortunately someone grabbed some video of this momentous occasion, the camera person swayed and swooned a bit (rolling with the punch) but  eventually got it dialed in.

Sweet Mystery

Hey Friend

Sweet Metaphysical Girl

And at another turn of the wheel I found myself jamming with the infamous Ken Fine 
at the Ice House in Evergreen Colorado.

John-Ken-Latin groove 

John-Ken-The Circus


Then there were the alone times captured by various cell phones 
whilst playing alone to hostile crowds


All These Many Years

Flying Colors

The Talisman


Then there were the totally off the wall goofy things that have no precedent!

Sweet MysterySolo.wmv




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All audio and video is copyrighted by John McKenna the  respective copyright owner.